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Poconos Area Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

These are Poconos / Stroudsburg / Monroe County Divorce Lawyer swho offers a variety of services including information needed to determine whether or not a divorce attorney is necessary. Every client can rely on commitment and dedication to work hard in each divorce while staying informed and accessible to their attorney.

The divorce lawyers below are committed to the practice of divorce and family law in Monroe and Pike Counties. they have demonstrated having aggressively negotiated positive outcomes in complicated and high value divorces and child custody or property settlement cases while keeping fees reasonable.

Anders, Marshall E., Esquire, P C - Stroudsburg

*Cohen, Barry, - 11 S. 7th. St., Stroudsburg, 570-421-9090

*Maida, John D, Associates, - Brodheadsville

*DeAngelo, AAron - Newman, Williams 570 421 9090

*Sibum, Jennifer Harlacher - 712 Monroe St. Stroudsburg,

People in the divorce process get angry, upset and often emotionally irrational.  The reality is you are better off staying out of divorce court, if at all possible.  Court can be draining emotionally and financially.  If it is possible to negotiate with your spouse, you should do so instead having a grueling divorce court battle.  These experienced divorce attorneys in the Poconos will guide you through alternative dispute resolution or mediation to a divorce with dignity and control with a minimum of emotional stress. AND should you have to go to court they are proven to be agressive in your defense.