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Shawn Queenan: An International Acclaimed Local Artist Has Found His Way Home

accomplished artist Shawn QueenanMeet accomplished local artist Shawn Queenan, Stroudsburg's own son renowned the world over for his brilliantly colorful, unique cityscape creations. First schooled in the basics by French cityscape artist Yves Martin in Paris, Shawn went on to resettled in London. There he continued learning from various artists, while distinguishing himself within London's arts community. Then it happened. While attending a party by British author, Sir William Empson, Shawn was introduced to the Director of England's prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum and found himself at the turning point of his career. For soon afterward, Shawn had acquired unlimited access to the art library's treasure of original drawings of some of the great masters of cityscape and quickly developed his own individual style of drawing and painting.

But while he learned his style in Europe, he found his flair for rich, vibrant colors from the lavish hues in Hollywood, Florida, and paintings from Matisse and Haitian art. Indeed, his captivating use of coloration has earned Shawn the rather unique title of "sophisticated primitive" from one of America's great primitive artists himself, Sterling Strausser. Yet equally crucial to Shawn's success is his creative passion to please the beholding eye: "When I do my paintings, I like to watch the expressions on peoples' faces. I like to create art that makes you smile." And smile, we do.

Today, after having traveled the globe selling his art everywhere from Ireland to Russia to the Middle East, in addition to his affiliation with galleries in England, France, Japan, and the U.S., Shawn has returned to his hometown and opened the Pocono Art Publishing Company in Stroudsburg. Not content with simply making his Giclee Prints on canvass and paper available to the local community, Shawn has also opened his publishing house to other artists to free them from the larger publishers to encourage quality art at affordable prices. So stop in when you're in town and enjoy the artistry; if it's affiliated with Shawn, you can bank on its appeal.

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