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At GoldenCityGuides.com, we have a dedicated department in website design. We specialize in creating web sites that help our clients sell their products or services.

We also help our clients maintain their sites on the World Wide Web.

You might be asking, "Why do I need a web site?"

Here are a few good reasons:

It is an inexpensive way of reaching millions of potential customers and exposing them to your business or service!

The content of your page can be updated easily.

The Internet is an interactive environment that provides mass exposure that was only available though expensive mediums such as TV, newspapers and magazines.

A web site gives you the ability to receive instant feedback from customers. A Website will reach customers that other mediums fail to reach, such as those outside of your local newpaper's distribution or televison station's broadcast areas.

The cost can be as little as $26.95 per month! We have a service that will submit your site to over 800 search engines! Nowhere else will you find an advertising medium this inexpensive and cost effective.

GoldenCityGuides.com provides effective and efficient Web site design and hosting services. The key words here are effective and efficient. There are a multitude of web site design and hosting organizations. You should, however, be hesitant to put your corporate image and revenue stream in the hands of an amateur web designer.

GoldenCityGuides.com has a proven track record of successful web design and internet promotion work, giving our clients the assurance that they will receive a high-quality web site for a reasonable price. Effective web site design and hosting incorporate a range of sophisticated elements that often need to be individually structured and customized to match your product or service to a design that works for you.

Whether you are looking for a corporate site, or an Internet storefront complete with e-commerce capabilities, the experienced design team at GoldenCityGuides.com will to create the most effective web site for your business needs.

We're in business to help you grow on the Internet.


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